My name is Joe Hamilton, that’s me on the far left in my family photo.  I will be the main author of Peak A Boomer, hopefully not the only. My hope is that others will come along and offer contributions as we go forward. My main objective is to share positive, uplifting messages gleaned from the myriad of information that is available. Linda, my beloved wife and mother to our boys, and I agree that the focus of life should be on family, faith and friends. By choice my emphasis will be in these three areas. Necessity dictates I  stick to topics in which I have some “expertise” as they relate to family, faith and friends. So where do my areas of expertise lay? I will let you decide and please, keep me on task as you see fit!

I was born and raised in southern California. For the last 10 years I have lived and worked in Central, CA as a Physician Assistant, treating patients and athletes in a sports medicine clinic. The Physicians I work with and I are developing an athletic and fitness development component to our practice, utilizing the science of strength and conditioning to assist our patients in moving beyond wellness to a state of fitness, and peak performance. I have always been passionate about strength and conditioning training, human performance, coaching and their application to increasing my own and others’ performance in all areas of life. I’ve always believed that the mat, court, track, field, weight room are the best places to grow strong in mind, body and spirit, the best place to learn guiding principles for success in life.

Before attending Stanford University’s PA Program, I had spent an entire career in Public Safety, 10 years as aPolice Officer and 10 years as a Paramedic/Firefighter. I love all sports, however most of my experience, competing and coaching has been in the combat sports; Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, and later in life MMA. I’m an avid reader and I suspect that many of my contributions here will reflect what I am currently reading, and how I’m attempting to apply that reading in my life and more importantly a hope that it will be useful in yours as well. I am a man of faith, imperfect yet seeking perfection, all the while realizing I will likely fall short, yet hopeful that my efforts will serve others in keeping with my creator’s design for me and my brothers and sisters (everyone I have an opportunity to influence).

So, to my family, fellow faithful, and friends now and those yet to come, take a look, comment, critique and contribute in keeping with enjoying life at it’s very best!

Joe Hamilton, December 2011