Seems folks are communicating through their WiFi with anyone close enough to pick them up, usually their neighbors. Apparently one neighbor named his “Hack Me if you can!” The next day he signed on and found his WiFi name had been changed to “Challenge Accepted!” Scary, and… well, kinda funny!

Many things can influence your day; what you read (You Are What You Read), what you eat (The Human Diet) and the friends you keep (The Five People You Hang Out With). What you listen to also has a big influence! At least for me.

Locally my “drive to work radio” choices are Glenn Beck or Bob and Tom. Pretty diverse no? If you’ve not heard of these two, or for that matter either one of these two, you’re living under a rock! Just kidding. If your not familiar with them, just  click on their names, I’ve linked each to their websites. 

I’m not a huge fan of politics in popular media, especially on the radio. I was at one time though. I even had XM for a time and a longer commute, so I listened frequently. If I listened to a left leaning station I would get pissed, so I gravitated to more conservative radio. The difference? It just took me longer to realize that the right leaning shows pissed me off as well! Why get mad over some things, probably most things, outside of my sphere of influence? At least occasionally Glenn Beck has some humor!

Bob and Tom on the other hand is 99.9% comedy. Be advised it’s often “off color” comedy but pretty darn funny! Rarely they’ll allude to politics… somewhat left leaning… hey they’re entertainers what do you expect!? I have Bob and Tom to thank for today’s topic. They were talking back and forth about different WiFi network names this morning. Pretty funny stuff! Once I got to work and close to a computer I searched for WiFi names and quickly realized it is a subject that has been covered extensively in the “blogosphere.” Not blogs like this one, but blogs that have been around for awhile, mostly “techy,” some getting thousands of visits per day and many, with some outrageous content!

Looking at several I found that most humerus WiFi names come from one of three catagories:

1. Take off on names:

Abraham Lynksys (Right on Mr. President!)

Kenny Log-Ins (Old School Muzak)

Bill Wi The Science Fi (Old School Techy, HA!)

2. A Couple of Great Tunes:

Wi Believe I can Fi (R. Kelly’s Best! Love this track!)

Pretty Fly for a WiFi (Great tune from The Offspring)

3. And Finally, Warnings-Commands-Requests:

Virus Infected WiFi (Wouldn’t risk using this one)

Get Off My LAN (Modern take on an old theme)

FBI Surveillance Van (Big Brothers Watching You!)

I’ve Seen You Naked (Your Neighbors Watching You! Close the Blinds!)

PlzBringVodkaToApt1310 (Back away from the Smirnoff!)

The take home for me? I definitely prefer to start my day out with some humor! I hope this little bit will add a smile to your day too! Joe H