It’s been one year since my last confession, er, uh I mean one year since my last post!

-I’ve forgotten how to make use of the many features here at

-I’ve been intimidated by the whole writing/blogging process.

-I’ve coveted my neighbors’ blog.

-I’ve procrastinated.

You get the idea. Well it’s good to be back! Even with only this short note of commitment to blog more this year (heck I’ll beat my 2012 posts, if I can make it into next month!)

I’ve got some penance to go do, but I’ll be back soon!

Happy New Year 🙂 Joe H

P.S. I’v also noticed that I’ve got advertisers! No I don’t get any royalties. Turns out that’s part of the WordPress deal, you get some advertising popped on your blog at random… so far I’m flattered, nothing I absolutely wouldn’t endorse.