and your “FRENEMIES” closest! I thought of this word while anxiously engaged in a good cause (losing my expanding waistline). Specifically, I was utilizing a principle I had learned from Dan John, one of my favorite strength and conditioning coaches, author and seemingly all around good egg.

More on Dan John in a minute, but first the principle: Inefficient Exercise, which he defines as

“doing something that takes a lot of movement and breathing and really doesn’t get you very far. If you are poor at swimming or dancing, swim or dance.”

My chosen Inefficient Exercise was riding my fixed gear bike. Although not a true “fixie” as these single speed bikes are commonly known, as my bike is set up to “freewheel” allowing me to rest when riding/coasting downhill. It is nonetheless, VERY inefficient for me, and as Coach Dan John has taught, a great way to lose body fat, exercise for met-con (metabolic conditioning), aerobic exercise, etc.

So why “frenemies?” After all, I am clearly a fan of Dan John and his coaching and should see him as a friend in my life… well, the truth is, because I was hurting. Bad. But that is good, inefficient, and in this case, and for my purpose effective, right? Right! But still, in my agony, I started “hating on” the guiltless Dan John… my new… “frenemy.”

Dan John is someone who teaches principles that are simple but not easy!  Principles that expose my weaknesses for my benefit! In my life, I have been blessed with many friends who have taught me myriad correct principles. When I am my best self I have had “enemies” who have taught me my own weaknesses, and therefore my most important life lessons personally.

During today’s efforts, I thought of some amazing “frenemies” I would like to introduce over the next several weeks, months, years? People who teach myriad correct principles that can expose personal weaknesses and help you develop YOUR best self, more than any friend or foe!

Examples: The aforementioned Dan John on Strength, Conditioning and being an amazing Coach! Jocko Willink and Leif Babin on Leadership, and Tim Ferriss on all things Learning/Teaching and Training/Coaching.

I am an unapologetic “bibliophile” and have read extensively the great writings of these three. Jocko and Tim also have amazing podcasts. My hope is to share with you some of what I have learned for your benefit, in hopes that you too might study these great Teachers/Coaches/Mentors, and selfishly to journal some of my experiences while putting their principles to the test! So…

“Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your frenemies CLOSEST!”