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Making a Comeback

I so very much miss creating posts here. It’s been way too long. So long that I’m not sure exactly how to post. I’m shocked out how difficult it is to remember the “nuts and bolts” of posting here. I have a faint recollection of learning to post, finding the current background, creating some organization, adding pictures, adding videos and most important responding to the many kind comments that come through.

One thing that has not changed is my love for life,┬álearning and sharing. Oh sure, there have been some serious changes and challanges, but I am still higly motivated to share some of my learning with others. Please remember me and my family in your prayers. I will do my part to find the time to “make a comeback,” here at PeakaBoomer.

Any fellow bloggers who have suggestions as to where I might find some instruction specific to WordPress, please let me know!

Best wishes to all! Joe H.


Forgive me father for I have sinned…

It’s been one year since my last confession, er, uh I mean one year since my last post!

-I’ve forgotten how to make use of the many features here at

-I’ve been intimidated by the whole writing/blogging process.

-I’ve coveted my neighbors’ blog.

-I’ve procrastinated.

You get the idea. Well it’s good to be back! Even with only this short note of commitment to blog more this year (heck I’ll beat my 2012 posts, if I can make it into next month!)

I’ve got some penance to go do, but I’ll be back soon!

Happy New Year ­čÖé Joe H

P.S. I’v also noticed that I’ve got advertisers! No I don’t get any royalties. Turns out that’s part of the WordPress deal, you get some advertising popped on your blog at random… so far I’m flattered, nothing I absolutely wouldn’t endorse.